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As is well-known, Yantian port unable to work normally in the first half of June due to COVID-19, which leads to a lot of cargo cannot be loaded as planned schedule and there are a lot of cargo are still waiting space at the moment.

According to the latest market news, Yantian port has been restored to 70% operating capacity in the second half of June, but there are still many vessels will not call at Yantian port in the end of June, which cause space of Yantian port is still in serious shortage. Suggest you load cargo in the first vessel of July because Yantian port will  will resume normal operation in July.

According to the current market analysis, sea freight will not decrease, even it will keep growing slightly in July. Warm reminder: If you have cargo need to ship in July, please contact us to arrange as soon as possible to avoid being delay because lack of the space.

If you have any new shipments or any questions for service and price of OHL, pls contact us at info@ohlco.com.cn and we will always do our best to meet your requirements.


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