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Worst sea freight and better air freight
Date:2021-06-09 10:02:51 Click:

Due to the epidemic and lack of containers, the shipping market in June will be even worse! Many ports in China have difficulty maintaining normal exports, especially the Yantian port in these two weeks!

According to analysts in the shipping industry, the increase in rates may continue until the end of June or even July, and the lack of containers will even continue until 2022! Customers still need to face bad situations and make difficult shipping choices!

However, different from the current crazy shipping container market, the air freight market shows a downward trend. The rate of air freight from China to Europe has gradually declined since May, and some flights are even close to the normal level in the past! 

Therefore, compared with the higher sea freight and the long transportation time, air freight is now a very good news and option, and believe that fast delivery will solve many urgent problems for customers!

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